Workshop and Symposium on Professional Accreditation for Engineers
  • Landmark Amman Hotel and Conference Center, Amman
  • Wednesday 25 - Thursday 26 March 2015, - 09:00 am - 05:00 pm

Professional Accreditation for Engineers have become critical to the quality of the engineering profession and essential to the success of any organization.

Jordan Engineers Association is proud to invite you to participate in the “Workshop and Symposium on Professional  Accreditation for Engineers” that will be held at the Landmark Hotel, Amman-Jordan, between 25th-26th of March 2015.

The Symposium aims to:

1. Enhance local and regional awareness of the importance of engineering qualification and accreditation.

2. Share and review good practice and success stories in the area of engineering accreditation from around the world.

3. Highlight the role of qualification and accreditation in marketing engineers and architects.


Symposium themes:

1. Quality in higher education.

2. Professional qualification and accreditation systems and their impact on the employability and competitiveness of engineers.

3. The role of the professional qualification and accreditation system on enhancing the performance of the private and public sectors.

4. Engineering ethics.

5. Regional and international good practices in accreditation.

Workshop Outline

Organized By   JEA Conf