Alwan International Children’s Festival - 24 September - 3:00 PM - 7:30 PM

  • Saturday 24 September 2022, 03:00 pm - 07:30 pm
  • The Children's Museum Jordan, Amman
Welcome to our first edition of Alwan Children’s Festival where the fun never ends in a colorful celebration of childhood. A jam-packed line-up of international street theatre performances, engaging shows, never seen before interactive installations and arts and crafts await your children and will surely blow their minds away.

Laugh your hearts out with Jekyll on Ice while he tries to sell Icecream from his wild Icecream cart; wonder at the bubble tricks Michele Cafaggi will blow during his Fish and Bubbles show, or get ready for water splashes when the volunteer gladiators start their fight at Waterbombs (beware, you may be one of those volunteers). Not enough fun? Come and meet Blanko who will perform as a blank canvas for your children to paint him away; watch the surprise on your children’s faces when they meet the giant puppet giraffes and ostriches of Teatro Pavana and get to pet them; and help your kids animate the giant puppet Sar7an with ropes and tricks. A lot more fun and interaction awaits your families at Alwan with handpicked shows from around the world and interactive installations designed to unleash their creativity and imagination.

Important Information:

Alwan will take place at the Children’s Museum Jordan in four half-day sessions (23, 24 September) and a mini session at the Weibdeh park of the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts (25 September afternoon). The timing and schedule of each session is clearly listed on www.alwanfestival.com . 
Purchasing a ticket for any session allows you to attend and experience all the events during that session according to the timetable.
Who needs a ticket: Every person attending the festival must purchase an individual ticket regardless of age except babies under the age of one. 
Target age: The festival is an event for the whole family, yet it is probably best enjoyed by ages 4-12. We encourage both parents to attend as well as accompanying older siblings for a fulfilling family time, Teta and Jiddo would also have a blast.
Are babies allowed to be at the festival: This is an event for the whole family so yes they are. But please note that during the amphitheater shows babies are NOT allowed in the seating area since they may get restless and disturb the experience of others. So during these shows we ask one of the parents to take the baby to the toddler area.
What you should wear: The festival will be outdoors and seating will be on steps and on the ground so dress comfortably and casually. Dress your children with casual clothes that you are not worried about soiling since they may get messy with paint and other activities. Hats and caps are recommended. 
Duration: Each ticket is limited to the timing and schedule of the session purchased and does not allow entry into other sessions. Kindly check the schedule well before purchasing tickets because tickets are not exchangeable.
Children’s Museum Jordan’s indoor exhibits will be closed for the general public AND for festival visitors during the festival days.


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