GPCA Supply Chain Conference

  • Intercontinental Festival City, Dubai
  • Monday 15 - Wednesday 17 April 2019, - 02:36 pm - 02:36 pm

The rise of new and disruptive technologies is having a major impact on industrial operations, but more importantly it is changing how supply chains work. A new set of technological advancements, collectively referred to as ‘Supply Chain 4.0’ are influencing how organizations are overseeing various aspects of their operations, such as procurement, logistics, and supply chain design, thus generating greater business value. Technological breakthroughs such as, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and the Internet of Things are revolutionizing supply chains, making them more agile and resilient. By providing greater insight into their own operations, as well as, their upstream and downstream partners, organizations are not only able to improve their processes but also recommend enhancements to the processes of their partners.

The GCC region is undergoing immense change led by national visions, economic diversification strategies, and environmental impact, with geopolitics and protectionism creating an increasingly unstable global trade environment. Amid these changes, new opportunities are arising for the GCC chemical industry to lead the regional transformation into more automated and integrated supply chains. However, this will involve overcoming many challenges – cyber security being one of them –by equipping the workforce with skills that enable them to adopt and adapt to the disruptions, reduce their carbon footprint and engage in multi-stakeholder collaboration. Those who embrace these changes and take greater risks will extract greater rewards.

The 11th edition of the GPCA Supply Chain Conference will be held under the theme “Getting Ready for the Future: Supply Chain 4.0”. The three-day conference will take place from 15-17 April 2019 in Dubai, UAE. It will showcase the impact of disruptive technologies on GCC chemical supply chains through a series of expert presentations, case studies from the region and the world, dedicated masterclasses and audience engagement platforms. It will connect leaders from the industry, service providers, consultants, regulators, academia and other key stakeholders to share their knowledge.

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