Revit Mechanical – Practical Workflow
  • Thursday 25 June - 28 July 2020, - 06:00 pm-08:00 pm
This course is intended to introduce the concept on Building information modeling, and to involve the workflow of using Revit in the mechanical division as a designer, contractor and also as a consulting manager.

Main topics
Modeling Concept using Revit
Fundamentals of revit for Mechanical users
Workflow of Creating Piping systems for Designers
Workflow Creating Piping Systems for Contractors
Creating and managing Energy models, Spaces and HVAC zones
Workflow of creating HVAC systems for designers
Workflow of creating HVAC systems for Contractors
Annotating and Exporting as a pro
Editing and managing families, introduction to make families and managing templates
Linking models with other supporting software

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Organized By   Mohammad Abu-Eid