The 3 pillars for Digital Marketing to Grow your Business

  • Sheraton Amman Al Nabil Hotel, Amman
  • Tuesday 3 - Wednesday 4 April 2018, - 08:00 am - 04:30 pm

Seminar Brief :

In these workshops we will cover the 3 key pillars of digital marketing to grow your business on a mobile and social web.  

1.    Content

2.    Traffic 

3.    Conversion 

On day one we will look at how to create content that builds brand awareness, trust, credibility and sales for websites, blogs and social media. And on day two we will cover traffic and conversion and will look at how to get free and paid traffic to that content and convert those into leads and sales


Day One Workshop: How to Create Content that Grows Your Business


Topic: How to Create Digital Content That Builds Engagement, Trust and Grows Leads and Sales

Module 1: Know your audience

Module 2: What content do you have?

Module 3: What content do you need to create?

Module 4: Optimizing content


 Day 2 Workshop: Traffic and Conversion

Topic: How to Grow Your Traffic

Module 2: How earn and get traffic for free

Module 3: How to accelerate your traffic growth and online attention by paying for it.

Topic: How To Convert Traffic Into Leads and Sales

Module 2: The three primary goals for conversion

 Module 3: Content that converts

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