The Snow Queen Ballet

  • Royal Cultural Center, Amman
  • Wednesday 8 March 2017, 07:00 pm
The National Centre for Culture and Arts - King Hussein Foundation, proudly presents "The Snow Queen Ballet", based on the fairy tale ballet by Hans Christian Andersen.
Performed by MISK Dance Company and students of the dance department.


The story of Snow Queen centers on the struggle between good and evil as experienced by Gerda and her friend, Kai.

An enchanted mirror, invented by the Snow Queen an evil wizard, to distort the appearance of everything it reflects, falls into the hands of Kai. The Snow Queen blames Kai, casts a spell on him and whisks him off to her castle.

Gerda then crosses forests, mountains and hills to come to the Snow Kingdom and bring her friend back home. She confronts the Snow Queen and shows that friendship can be permanent and everlasting.

Suitable for ages 6+


Wednesday, 8 March at 7:00 pm
Thursday, 9 March at 7:00 pm
***Friday, 10 March at 5:00 pm
Saturday, 11 March at 7:00 pm

at the Royal Cultural Centre - next to Regency Hotel

Tickets available at Sajilni and The National Centre for Culture and Arts.

For more info, please call 06/ 56 90 292 [EXT. 3]

Organized ByAmmanContemporaryDance