WebTex Expo & Conference

  • King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Centre Managed by Hilton, Balqa
  • Tuesday 28 February 2017, 09:00 am - 10:00 am

WebTex Expo’s main focus is on technology and connectivity in MENA. The main WebTex goal is to encourage discussions and the sharing of ideas, education, and the promotion of the concept of “Innovation through Collaboration”—which is the core theme of this inaugural expo. WebTex 2017 will take place in Jordan at the prestigious King Hussein Convention Center (Dead Sea) April 19–21, 2017.

Exhibition is the focal point of WebTex, where organizations, businesses, websites, web apps, and startups of all sizes will have the opportunity to showcase their companies, products, services, and ideas. The exhibit floor is designed to create an interactive environment for networking and conversation and to connect technology providers and seekers from across the Arab world, and beyond, in one space.

Networking, exchanging ideas, learning, and visibility and credibility, are some of the benefits of joining the upcoming WebTex Expo. Establishing a presence, whether big or small, at WebTex Expo gives you and your company a powerful platform for meeting new clients, reaching out to your existing customers, and building a more established, recognizable branding.

Learn the trends of the industry; and discuss the issues and opportunities in the Arabic web landscape with insight from international industry leaders, researchers, and prominent speakers who will attend WebTex Expo to share their thoughts, ideas, and best practices.

Why WebTex

NETWORK by being a part of the discussions and the solutions. Share ideas and expertise while meeting new businesses and professionals
EXPLORE new ideas from industry leaders and renowned speakers. Delve into engaging topics on technology, business and innovation
SHOWCASE your business; engage and be in the spotlight. Reach new clients, create more established relationships and increase your business growth
SOCIALIZE and have fun. Be a part of the conversation. WebTex is a productive place to make valuable contacts and professional connections

Who Benefits


  • Website and App Developers
  • Design Studios and UI/UX
  • Online Marketers / Social Media / SEO
  • Analytics / Data
  • Hosting / Cloud Services / Content Delivery Network CDN
  • E-commerce Solutions / Platforms
  • Cybersecurity / Monitoring / Protection
  • Logistics / Shipping / Delivery
  • Business Technology Solutions
  • Financial and Payment Technology
  • Government / Legislators / Non-Profits
  • Intellectual Property IP / Copyrights
  • Investors and VC
  • Startups
  • Education / Academia / Training
  • Consultants
  • Media / Publishers


  • Businesses Seeking Technology Solutions
  • C-Suite
  • IT Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Students / Researchers / Educators
  • Government / Legislators
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Investors
  • Marketers
  • Media and Publishing Professionals
  • Enthusiasts
  • Businesses

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