ZINC Academy: Strengths-based Entrepreneurship & Selling Skills

  • Zain Innovation Campus -ZINC-, Amman
  • Monday 17 - Tuesday 18 July 2017, - 06:00 pm - 09:00 pm

ZINC Academy: Strengths-based Entrepreneurship & Selling Skills

This workshop is designed to help individuals to come up with an entrepreneurial idea, build a mini-business plan to validate the idea, identify the top entrepreneurial talents that everyone has, help individuals become aware of the responsibilities of an entrepreneur and learn how to use their unique talents to meet them.


Trainers Bio:


Ahmad Al-Assad, is a talentologist, human development trainer, motivational speaker, consultant and trainer on interactive training methodologies.

He is specialized in Strength-based Hiring, Strength-based Leadership, Talent, Discovery for youth, Psychology of achievement and other management skills training.



Workshop Outline:


  • Preparing yourself for success

  •  The entrepreneurial Idea

  •  Top 10 talents of highly successful entrepreneurs 

  •  Mini Business Plan.

Date: 17th, 18th of July

Time: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Know more about ZINC Academy: 

Through partnering with different Training Providers, ZINC Academy is one of Zain’s Corporate Entrepreneurship Programs, the ZINC Academy aims to provide entrepreneurs and startups with a variety of training courses and workshops in order to help them in expanding their knowledge in different areas where it would be integral and beneficial for their business success.


What makes ZINC Academy different?

-       Both training courses and training content are diverse and cover different areas of business.

-       ZINC Academy courses are designed and catered especially for entrepreneurs and startups to help them reach their goals.

-       Training courses are given by certified instructors, and certificates are given by a well-known local and

international business leaders institutes.

-       Attending the workshops will open your mind and expose you to entrepreneurship world by getting the chance to join ZINC community. 






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