Frequently Asked Questions: [Buyers]

Cash On Delivery- Amman – Jordan Only

1. What is Cash on Delivery (COD)- Amman Only?

Cash on Delivery is a payment method provided by Sajilni through a third party delivery company. This method allows you to place your order online and pay cash at home. The delivery company will contact you to schedule a pickup time. You have to comply with the deadline to pay. You will receive a receipt and your e-tickets will be sent to the email mentioned in your order within 1 business day. Buyers are charged 4 JDs for Cash on Delivery per order not per ticket.

2. I chose COD as a payment method but no one has contacted me yet.

Cash on Delivery will contact you within 3 days of placing the order. For example, if you placed your order on Monday, COD will contact you by Thursday. A delivery time will be scheduled to your requested pickup location.

3. I scheduled a pick up time but I was not available, can I reschedule a redelivery?

You can schedule a redelivery by calling +962797169747 or emailing Please do so within 48 hours otherwise your order will be cancelled.

4. I paid for the COD but I still have not received my tickets.

You will receive a confirmation of the payment and your e-tickets within 1 business day.

5. COD does not show in the list of payment methods?

COD is only available in Amman, if you are in Amman and still cannot see it listed in the payment methods; it either means that the organizer does not want to include this payment method for his/her event or because Cash on Delivery is automatically turned off 3 days prior to event date. This allows time to deliver pre-scheduled pickups before event day.

Note: Always make sure the mobile number provided is correct. COD will call you to schedule a pickup and will not send you any email. That is why it is always important to provide a correct mobile number that you are always reachable on.

Your tickets:

1. Are tickets changeable?

Tickets are non-refundable and unchangeable. We regret to inform you that no seats can be changed and tickets cannot be assigned to another date or time after the payment is completed as per event organizer instructions.

2. I want to change the payment method.

Please call us on +962797169747 or email We can change payment methods of unpaid orders.

3. My Credit Card is rejected and my payment is not going through.

1. Please ensure that you can use your Credit Card online.

2. Please check if your card holds sufficient funds to complete the payment and make sure all data entered about the card is correct (card number, expiry date etc...). If these conditions do not apply, try paying with another card. Our Merchant Account declines some cards due to security reasons.

4. My payment is successful but I still have not received my tickets

It is always recommended that you use a personal email (Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo). Some business accounts have strict firewall rules, so emails sent from might end up flagged as promotion and added to spam. Please check the spam emails, if you still cannot find the email with your tickets, please contact us and provide us with another email address on which we can resend the tickets. If you find it in spam, please add Sajilni to your safe list to ensure receipt of any future emails.

5. I am facing problems when I try to select tickets or move to the payment step

For a smooth buying tickets process, make sure you are using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

“Add links to download the above browsers”

6. I want to choose my seats and I do not want to be given the suggested best available seats.

For most events you can do that by clicking on "Manual" and you will be able to choose the seats that you want. However, in some events this is the only seating option available.

Event Day:

1. How can I get more info about the event?

Please refer to the event description on to get all necessary info about the event dates, times, event day information and instructions and offline points of sales if available. Or contact the organizer.

2. Can I buy tickets at the door?

We do not usually sell tickets at the door and we advise buyers not to buy tickets at the door since good seats are sold out early.
Please check the event page on our website for details on whether tickets are sold at the door or not.

3. Can I pay by Credit Card at the door?

Yes, if tickets are sold at the door you will be able to pay with your Credit Card. Please check the event page on our website for details on whether tickets are sold at the door or not.

4. Should I print my e-tickets?

Although your e-tickets can be scanned from your mobile phone, it is always recommended that e-tickets are printed to avoid delays on the queue as a result of security checks, searching for the tickets of your mobile phone etc…

Cancellation and Refunds:

1. Can I refund my ticket?

All tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable for most of the events. Please refer the terms and conditions of sale on your email and/or your ticket for more information.

2. In case the event is canceled, is Sajilni responsible for refunding the tickets?

Sajilni reflects the cancellation and refund policy of the event organizer. Usually, when an event is canceled, a full refund will be issued to the ticket buyers within 3-5 business days of event cancellation notice. Please allow additional 3 days for your bank process.

2. How long does a refund take to settle back onto the customer's credit card?

The card holder bank takes up to 72 hours to reflect the refunded amount in your account. Sajilni issues refunds within 3-5 business days so expect to receive your payment within 7-10 business days.

3. Do I get notified in case of any changes or cancellation of the event?

Yes. An email will be sent out to all event participants informing them of any changes or cancellation within 24 hours of event cancellation notice.