We don’t charge you to add an event. Adding an event is always free.

Hosting Large events? Contact our sales team to know about our volume discounts at sales@sajilni.com, +962-79-7169747

Our Fee Structure

Service Charge

Payment Charge



Selling expensive tickets? Pay fixed fee per ticket, contact us to know more at sales@sajilni.com, +962-79-7169747!

You can pass on the fees to the buyers and pay nothing in most cases! (*Dubai Events do not qualify)

Get Paid fast!

We will issue your payment within 10 business days after your event ends via bank transfer. (Note: it make take a few extra days to reach you depending on where you are, and the time your bank takes to clear the funds in your account)

Prefer to get paid via check? Contact us at payment@sajilni.com